About Us

Ending up where you started isn’t always a bad thing, unless you are lost.  Many larger companies would benefit from a look back to their beginnings, when customer service and integrity were paramount. 

Appreciating everything he learned from a previous granite and tile employer, Tim Petrescue continues to grow now with Pyramid Stoneworks as of 2005.  Attending schooling overseas in Egypt, Tim has marveled at great works of stone art such as the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, Petra in Jordan and of course the great pyramids of Giza, in Cairo, Egypt. 

“We don’t have commercials on TV or the radio to reel in new customers.  We rely on satisfied customers to talk about us to others.  Committed to every customer, we try our best to exceed their expectations.  We pride ourselves in the product we provide but also our manner of professionalism.  It is more about the final handshake than the initial sale.”

Tim Petrescue
Pyramid Stoneworks Founder