Granite Counter Tops


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From humble beginnings, massive granite blocks are quarried from various corners of the earth.  It is truly fascinating that out of these mountains, we can install a unique slice of God’s art, into your home!  No two slabs are the same, which makes this natural product exciting and at times very challenging to work with.  Pyramid Stoneworks appreciates the intricacies of working with these natural stones and supersedes the demands required by them. 

Granite kitchen counter tops protect the investment value of your home.  Studies indicate that kitchen remodeling has the highest return rate in added market value to your home.  Many design and product choices made in new construction or renovations will come and go.  Applications of natural stone such as granite counter tops are timeless, as is the product itself.

Hundreds of choices in color are available to compliment your home environment and multiple choices in counter top edging to suite your own style.