Tile Installations


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Whether you choose a manmade tile product such as porcelain or ceramic, or a natural stone tile like granite, marble or slate, there is great value in the function and cosmetics of installing tile. 

Ensuring a proper foundation and backing for your tile is critical for your floors or walls to last and avoid cracked tiles and grout lines. Using the correct setting product is also extremely important for a proper, durable installation.  Layout and design are valuable considerations with tile, although often hard to imagine unless previously seen in a picture or drawing.  We are happy to assist you by providing you with product samples and conceptual drawings. 

Sealing is essential to ensure a resilient installation.  Many installers overlook this important last step, as it is seen to be a nuisance to return again after grouting.  We don’t believe any job is completed until all sealing is done thoroughly.  After all, we want you to be as happy with your tile 5 years from now as you are today.